MoinMoin is an advanced, easy to use and extensible WikiEngine with a large community of users. Said in a few words, it is about collaboration on easily editable web pages. MoinMoin is Free Software licensed under the GPL.

Current version ported to OpenVMS is 1.9.0.

Where to download kits

The recommended way to install MoinMoin on OpenVMS is to install the Portable Python kit, for more information view Download and installation of Python for OpenVMS

How to install MoinMoin on OpenVMS

MoinMoin is already installed in the Portable Python LD image.

setup a local Wiki

If you want to create your wiki in dev:[] under the username MOINUSR

$ @python_vms:setup

$ @MOIN_ROOT:[vms]create_moin_wiki dev:[] moinusr

Then edit the generated file dev:[] to update interface parameter (default ‘localhost’) and port parameter (default 8080).

Example of a generated procedure:

$ proc = f$environment(“PROCEDURE”)

$ proc_dir = f$parse(proc,,,”DEVICE”) + f$parse(proc,,,”DIRECTORY”)

$ dest = f$parse(proc_dir,”sys$disk:[]”,,,”NO_CONCEAL, SYNTAX_ONLY”)

$ dest_dev = f$parse(dest,,,”DEVICE”,”SYNTAX_ONLY”)

$ dest_dir = f$parse(dest,,,”DIRECTORY”,”SYNTAX_ONLY”)

$ dest_dir = dest_dir – “<” – “>” – “[” – “]”

$ dest_dir = dest_dir – “<” – “>” – “[” – “]” – “000000.” – “.000000”

$ dest = dest_dev + “[” + dest_dir + “]”

$ root_dest = dest_dev + “[” + dest_dir + “.]”

$ define MOIN_WIKI_ROOT ‘root_dest’ /trans=(conc,term)

$ set def MOIN_WIKI_ROOT:[mywiki]

$ @python_vms:setup

$ python server standalone –hostname=”localhost” –port=8080

Optionally edit dev:[] to match your requirement.

finally start the Wiki server

$ subm/noprint/user=MOINUSR/que=WIKI_QUEUE –

$ moin_root:[vms]run_wiki/para=dev:[]

Your MoinMoin wiki is ready :-)

How to install/setup MoinMoin with WASD

You can use MoinMoin as a CgiPlus server (using WSGI WASD interface) or setup a reverse proxy rule in WASD and use the embedded Web server in MoinMoin.

Using MoinMoin thru a reverse proxy server

To setup the vmspython site to use MoinMoin (running on port 8000) thru a reverse proxy service, the following rules can be used:

pass /wiki/* /moin_root/MoinMoinhtdocs/* ods=5

redirect /* /*?

pass http://wiki.vmspython.* http://wiki.vmspython.* RESPONSE=gzip=none

Using MoinMoin as a CgiPlus server

To run MoinMoin as a CgiPlus server you the following rules can be used (extract from the rules for this wiki):

pass /moin_static190/* /moin_root/MoinMoinhtdocs/* ods=5

script+ /* /dsa200/pythonwiki/vms/moinwsgi/* \

map=once ods=5 script=syntax=unix script=query=none \

script=as=moinmoin_usr throttle=1,,,30

:!: Instead of using “/*” in the script+ rule you can use, for example, “/wiki/*”.
:!: Be sure to set the correct security profile on the command procedures generated in your wiki tree. In the above example you can use w:re on all dcl procedure in dsa200:[pythonwiki.vms]

Upgrade a previous version wiki

If you have wiki(s) build with a previous version of MoinMoin you have to upgrade it using the provided procedure moin_root:[vms] Be sure that moin_root is correctly defined, if not you will have to execute the procedure (or

Example of the migration of the vmspython wiki:

$ @moin_root:[vms]migration DSA200:[PYTHONWIKI] “”

The first argument is the directory where the wiki has been installed. The second argument is the URL of the wiki, note the format of the URL).

:!: It is probably a good idea to do a backup of you wiki directory before the upgrade…